We are an online gift shop featuring products ranging from the simple print of photographs, digital art & quotes to photo gifts, including but not limited to laptop sleeves, journals, mugs, phone cases, jewellery and more.

Anita Leite-Sandner ~ Leite Creations
Anita Leite-Sandner

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Want to know about us -

Leite Creations was established mid 2017, by Anita Leite-Sandner.  This company provides products for the individual, their home or office.   The products featured by Leite Creations are, but not limited to Photographs, Digital Art, Quotes and Photo Gifts.

This company is based online and can be categorized as a photo gift shop, Home & Decor and a place for gift inspirations …

The Best of Photography, Digital Art, Quotes and Jewellery.